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Ahalia Foundation Eye Hospital is the first eye hospital in the Dist. to be associated with Dist. Blind Control Society under National Health Mission to eradicate cataract blindness in Palakkad and nearby Dists. The program was initiated by Ahalia realized that cataract is the major cause of blindness in the country and those advanced surgical facilities were not accessible to the general public in the rural areas.

Eye camps as part of community ophthalmology were launched by Ahalia in 2006. 7,200 eye camps were conducted by Ahalia from its inception to 2018 July 31st. Among these camps, 864000 patients were examined and 571280 (66%) patients undergone treatments (including GP, medicine, and procedures) 64428 patients underwent cataract operation free of cost in association with District Blind Control Society under National Health Mission.

Executive Summary

The perspective plan was based on the District level and Taluks, Villages, etc will be the key level for the development of cataract eradication project plans. To plan the strategy of the activities under the camp department of Ahalia as per the guidelines of a medical director and to implement the programme activities in the periphery at district the district level by the supervision of the Camp Dept head. Grass root level coordination will be done by Field Officers under Chief Field Officer and Asst Managers stationed at various zones. They are reporting to the Camp Dept head and he will review the execution plans and monitor the camp activities as per the above chain of command.

Situation Analysis

Palakkad: Population in this Dist. is 2809934 people according to the census 2011 and old age prevalence is also high. The statistical figure shows that 1/3rd of the world’s population lives in India. Cataract accounts are miserable and force them to be dependent on others. Our mission is to give a new life to these suffering veterans.


1. To clear the backlog of cataract blindness.

Graphical Representation - Taluks Covered

Chittur, Alathur, Mannarkad, Pattambi, Ottappalam

School Eye Screening & Corporate Screening Programs

These programs are also undertaken by the camp department. Programs will be coordinated by field officers as per the guidelines.

A) Refractive correction

  • Myopic correction for school children
  • Presbyopic correction to above 40 years of age
  • Some cataract operated patients also need refractive correction
  • To refer the patient who required detailed examination for other eye diseases


Control of Corneal Blindness, Eye bank / Eye Donation programs, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Paediatric Eye Disease etc are the common topics.

Specialty Camps

DR screening, Low vision aids, Glaucoma screening, paediatric screening

Mobile Ophthalmology Campaigns

Mobile ophthalmology clinics are also on the wheel.

You can associate with us to bring light into the lives of the poor and needy. If you are a philanthropic individual or an organization you can join hands with us to conduct free or subsidized camps which are organized all over Kerala.

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