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Commonly Asked Questions

1. What is Eye Donation?

Eye Donation is an act of charity purely for the benefit of the society and is totally voluntary. Eye Donation is done after death. The Eye donations of the deceased can be authorized by the Next of Kin even if the deceased did not pledge his /her eyes before death.

2. What is the use of eyes received after death?

The Eyes, which are received through such magnanimous gestures, are of great benefit to the society. The front of cornea tissue clear and transparent tissue of the eye called Cornea can be used to restore vision to corneal blind persons. The other portions (Sclera, Etc…) of the eye are also used for training and research purposes to develop cures for some of the common eye diseases.

3. What is Corneal Blindness?

Corneal blindness occurs when the cornea becomes cloudy, resulting in reduced or lost vision. This can be caused by accidents, infections, industrial incidents, or even malnutrition.

4. Is there a cure for corneal blindness?

Yes, Removing the damaged Cornea from recipient and replacing it with a healthy cornea by surgery can cure corneal blindness.

5. What is the source for the cornea?

The cornea be removed from deceased person within six -eight hours of death and can be used for surgery. The eyes which could ultimately to be consigned to flames or buried can restore vision of two patients.

6. What is the magnitude of corneal blindness?

There are 1.1 million peoples suffering from corneal blindness. Majority of the 1.1 million are young adults who have spent long blind years even though they have a cure.

7. How can one donate eyes?

To become an eye donor, one should inform their close family members of their intention of eye donation. After passing away, family members can contact the nearest eye bank to fulfill the donor’s wishes.

8. What is an Eye Bank?

The Eye bank, charitable organizations without profit motives, facilitate the removal, processing, evaluation, and distribution of donated eyes to those in need.

9. How do, I ensure that the donated eyes would not be mis-used?

Worries about misuse are unfounded as eye banks adhere to strict regulations under the Transplantation of Human Organs Act 1994, and the government regularly inspects them.

10. Is eye donation against religious principles or tradition?

Contrary to misconceptions, eye donation is supported by all religions and scriptures, making it a universally endorsed act of compassion.