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Steps to Follow For Eye Donation

1. How do I contact an eye bank?

Contacting an Ahalia Eye Bank is easy, as a dedicated number (9188954112) has been assigned to them. By calling this number, information about eye donation can be obtained, and the eye bank’s team will be dispatched to collect the eyes.

2. What is the procedure for eye donation?

The procedure for eye donation is simple and quick, taking about 15 to 20 minutes. When contacted, the eye bank staff / personnel give the required instructions. Precautions such as switching off fans, raising the head with a pillow, and placing a wet cloth over the closed eyelids are taken during the process.

The eye bank team go to the house where death has taken place or to the hospital where death happened and remove the eyes there. After the removal of the eyes, there is no disfigurements, as the eye bank team properly closes the eyes with an artificial eye or a plastic shield. It does not delay funeral arrangements.

3. What precautions are to be taken?

  • Switch Off Fans and Use Air Conditioner (if available)
  • Elevate the Head with a Pillow
  • Apply Wet Clean Cloth over Closed Eyelids
  • Ensure Proper Closure of Eyelids
  • Keep a Copy of the Death Certificate Ready
  • Provide Consent and Blood Samples

4. Is there a cure for corneal blindness?

Yes, Removing the damaged Cornea from recipient and replacing it with a healthy cornea by surgery can cure corneal blindness.

5. Who can donate eyes? Is there any age limit?

Any individual, regardless of age or medical history, can donate eyes, including those who wear spectacles or have undergone cataract surgery.