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Paediatric Cataract at Ahalia Foundation Eye and Hospital

A group of committed medical professionals with advanced degrees, extensive experience, and training from prestigious universities work at the Ahalia Eye Foundation Hospital in Palakkad.

JHJAt the Ahalia Eye Foundation Hospital in Palakkad, we offer skilled services for a wide range of eye diseases in addition to routine eye care. The hospital provides access to modern ophthalmic knowledge and abilities so that patients from all walks of life can receive consistently excellent care for local, national, and international patients.

Children need specialized care when it comes to eye health because of their distinct developmental requirements. Paediatric cataracts are a substantial source of vision impairment in young children, although being very uncommon. Ahalia Eye Foundation Hospital has established itself as a premier facility for the diagnosis and treatment of paediatric cataracts because we understand the value of early intervention. The hospital offers comprehensive care to assure the best results for young patients. This is made possible by a diverse team of specialists, cutting-edge technology, and a dedication to lifelong vision.

Understanding Paediatric Cataracts : In children, a clouding of the normal lens of the eye is referred to as a paediatric cataract. This disorder may affect one or both eyes, be congenitally present from birth, or appear in infancy. Paediatric cataracts, if ignored, can cause irreparable vision loss and have an impact on a child’s growth, schooling, and general quality of life. However, the effects of cataracts can be reduced with prompt diagnosis and effective treatment, allowing kids to enjoy healthy and productive lives.

Accurate Diagnosis : The identification of paediatric cataracts calls for specialized knowledge and cutting-edge diagnostic equipment. A variety of detailed evaluations are used by the paediatric ophthalmologists and knowledgeable technicians at Ahalia Eye Foundation Hospital to completely assess the condition. These evaluations could involve visual acuity testing, thorough eye exams, and cutting-edge imaging methods. To choose the best course of therapy, hospital specialists consult extensively with parents to understand the child’s medical history and any comorbid problems.

Understanding Treatment Options 

Non Surgical : When treating paediatric cataracts, non-surgical methods like patching therapy, contact lenses, or eyeglasses may be suggested. These therapies work to improve visual development and treat related vision issues. The skilled paediatric ophthalmologists at Ahalia Eye Foundation Hospital provide personalized treatment regimens depending on the requirements of each child.

Paediatric Cataract Surgery : Surgery is required when a child’s vision and everyday activities are adversely affected by cataracts. At Ahalia Eye Foundation Hospital, highly qualified paediatric ophthalmologists with experience in handling challenging patients undertake paediatric cataract surgery. During surgery, the clouded lens is removed and replaced with an intraocular lens (IOL), contact lenses, or in certain circumstances, glasses. The hospital uses cutting-edge methods, like phacoemulsification, to reduce invasiveness and encourage quick healing.

Beyond just providing immediate care, Ahalia Eye Foundation Hospital is dedicated to providing paediatric cataract care. The hospital emphasizes the need of managing children’s vision over the long term. In order to guarantee that the child’s visual health is continuously evaluated and any potential issues are swiftly handled, regular follow-up visits, vision examinations, and ongoing support are offered.